Research award by Inesc-ID

I like to think that passion, support and dedication are the pillars that sustained my last five years of commitment to science. My role as researcher is to pursue what I believe to be relevant problems and interfere as less as possible with the scientific process. For this end, I simply attempt to be open to guidance and the intuitive reception of ideas, diligently test them, and do the daily emotional homework to remove any obstacles compromising my productivity. You see, I am merely a facilitator holding a vision.
So what is indeed fueling my work?
Firstly, the people with whom I work with and who inspire and support me.
Secondly, the citizens and institutions that grant me the funds and logistic environment to accomplish my work smoothly.

December 21st, 2016. Five years later. A special day. The warm surprise of being ascribed during a seasonal event with the Best PhD Research Award by Inesc-ID (

Accordingly to the fuel for my work: my heartfelt Gratitude to all the people that enriched my professional and personal life during these years, and to Inesc-ID.
And, if you allow my daring, I want to fully dedicate this award to the person who is the major responsible for this unexpected end: Sara Madeira.
Thank You.