PhD supervision:

  1. David Calhas, 80980, EEG to fMRI Synthesis [concluded]
  2. André Patrício, 87631 (co-supervised by Rafael S. Costa), Multi-omics pattern discovery in systems oncology
  3. João Aparício, 97155 (co-supervised by Francisco Santos and Elisabete Arsénio), Knowledge acquisition from dynamic multi-layered networks
  4. Leonardo Alexandre, 94054 (co-supervised by Rafael Costa), Descriptive and predictive markers from annotated tensor data
  5. Miguel Garção Silva, 11183 (co-supervised by Sara C. Madeira), Modeling actionable spatiotemporal dynamics from heterogeneous urban data
  6. Daniel Gonçalves, 94007 (co-supervised by Rafael Costa), Glycoproteogenomics in colorectal cancer using deep learning approaches
  7. Sofia Cerqueira, 81200 (co-supervised by José Barateiro and Elisabete Arsénio), Artificial intelligent solutions to aid transportation and civil engineering
  8. Diogo Soares (supervised by Sara C. Madeira), Triclustering: Tackling Challenges of Temporality and Heterogeinity for Effective Solutions in Biomedicine
  9. Leonor Pimenta, 81155 (supervised by Vasco Manquinho), Anomoulous and emerging pattern discovery from spatiotemporal urban data
  10. Han Shao (supervised by Elisabetta Tedeschi and Hugo Morais), Real-time analytics on high fidelity synchronized measurements

Successfully concluded MSc thesis supervisions:

  1. José Mota, 81726, Mining temporal patterns from multivariate time series data to aid the classification of dementia profiles
  2. Francisco Neves, 83467 (co-supervised by Anna Finamore), Discovery of actionable patterns in road traffic [Awarded with Best Thesis by ULisboa-RedeMov 2021]
  3. Pedro Lindeza, 80831, Learning from heterogeneous data with block-wise missings to aid psychiatric diagnoses
  4. Pavlo Kovalchuck, 81440 (co-supervised by Prof. Diogo Proença), Unsupervised concept analysis in legal documents
  5. David Calhas, 80980, Schizophrenia diagnosis from electroencephalography with contrastive learning
  6. Pedro Rodrigues, 87696 (co-supervised by Rafael Costa), Local transcriptomic patterns of regulatory response to infection by SARS-CoV-2
  7. Daniel Gonçalves, 94007 (co-supervised by Rafael Costa), Clinical prognosis and risk prediction of postoperative complications in cancer patients
  8. Margarida Costa, 83425 (co-supervised by Susana Vinga), Unsupervised anomaly detection in water systems using recurrent neural networks
  9. Inês Leite, 81328 (co-supervised by Prof. Anna Finamore), Contextual outlier detection in traffic data
  10. José Diogo Castro, 84401 (co-supervised by Pedro Monteiro), Modeling of blood activity in Portugal to support sourcing and campaign decisions
  11. Francisco Barata, 87656, Spatiotemporal patterns of emergency prevalence and response in Portugal
  12. Mariana Brejo, 89501 (supervised by Pedro Monteiro), Padrões geotemporais de doações de sangue em Portugal
  13. Cláudio Sardinha, 94082 (co-supervised by Anna Finamore), Describing and predicting demand in Lisbon’s public Bike sharing system
  14. Susana Gomes, 94043 (co-supervised by Susana Vinga), Modeling of water distribution network dynamics using multivariate time series data
  15. Carlos Lemonde Macedo, 73919 (co-supervised by Elisabete Arsénio), Multimodal analysis of transport in the city of Lisbon
  16. Sofia Cerqueira, 81200 (co-supervised by Elisabete Arsénio), End-to-end traffic flow analysis of public transport data in the city of Lisbon
  17. Ricardo Sousa, 94046 (co-supervised by Conceição Amado), Autonomous time series data processing on historical and real-time settings
  18. Mariana Carrasco, 86594 (co-supervised by António Rito Silva), Detecting student collusion in online test environments from answer agreement
  19. Rodrigo Graça, 81402 (co-supervised by Diogo Ferreira), Are national hospitals suitably funded according to activity, quality, access and expenses?
  20. Leonardo Alexandre, 94054 (co-supervised by Rafael Costa), Discriminative pattern mining in oncological data to understand surgical risk factors
  21. Rui Nóbrega, 87703 (supervised by Diana Prata), Neuroimage consolidation from a grid of hospitals to externally validate predictors
  22. João Palet (co-supervised by Vasco Manquinho), 87656, Context-based predictive models for medical emergencies
  23. João Aparício, 97155 (co-supervised by Elisabete Arsénio), Modeling and assessing resilience in multimodal transportation systems
  24. Vasco Silva, 86525 (co-supervised by Anna Finamore), Optimizing bus networks from multimodal travel flows
  25. André Patrício, 87631 (co-supervised by Rafael S. Costa), Differential regulatory response of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma according to PET result
  26. Pedro Caldeira, 81888 (co-supervised by António Rito Silva), Fraud detection in multiple choice exams from question answer times
  27. Eduardo Machado, 97133, Chatbot decision support in adaptive, domain-guided, and sentiment-rich settings

Other concluded supervisions:

  1. Anna Finamore, 68340 (PosDoc), Generative models for descriptive and predictive urban data analytics
  2. Thomas James Tiam-Lee, 10844 (PosDoc), Spatiotemporal data mining for knowledge extraction in urban data domains
  3. Marta Bubicz, 82297 (PosDoc), Resilient and sustainable (environmentally and socially) transport systems in the post-pandemic era
  4. João Matos Rei, 100328 (co-supervised by Hugo Terças and Pedro Cosme), Describing chaos dynamics in cold atoms using Artificial Intelligence
  5. Ana Santos, 84364, Estudo associativo entre procura e meteorologia no sistema de partilha de bicicletas GIRA
  6. Duarte Ghira, 96372, Aprendizagem de espaços latentes a partir de uma amostra de históricos clínicos para segmentação de perfis e previsão de eventos hospitalares
  7. Joana Coutinho, 87666, Spatiotemporal indices to capture vulnerabilities in INEM’s response to medical emergencies
  8. Athilesh Arputham and Anirudh Arputham, A comprehensive and pedagogic survey on open source tools for user-friendly time series data analysis

Ongoing MSc thesis:

  1. Maria Beatriz Fernandes, 93298 (co-supervised by Thomas Distler), High-throughput in-silico characterization of 3D astrocyte-neuron cell cultures
  2. Miguel Moreira, 95643, Distribuição espacial de marcadores de neurotransmissão recorrendo a coortes postmortem e modelos animais
  3. David Belchior, 95550 (co-supervised by Luís Madeira), Inappropriate prescription of psychotropic drugs from PEM: tackling challenges of polypharmacy and dependence
  4. Alexandra Pestana Rodrigues, 95528 (co-supervised by Daniel Faria), Previsão de neuromarcadores a partir do rastreio molecular de tecidos periféricos
  5. Miguel Dauphinet Barros, 102184 (co-supervised by Pedro Monteiro), Context-aware forecasting of blood donation and demand for efficient nationwide management of blood products
  6. Jessica Ramgi, 75619, Discriminative brain signal patterning in psychosis
  7. Bernardo Cordeiro, 78778 (co-supervised by Alexandre Francisco), Integrative markers to support neurodegenerative disease prognostic
  8. David Mello, 89196 (co-supervised by Rafael S. Costa), Descoberta avançada de padrões em dados proteómicos