One year of research in retrospective

My research path has been very fruitful during this last year.
Before all, the collaboration and tutoring initiatives with the members of our project team were beyond rewarding!
Also there have been many advances in our streams of research.
First, we completed the challenging task of adapting generative learners, such as HMMs, to deal with itemset sequences.
And nothing better than obtaining promising results across domains!
Second, multi-period classification is growing mature!
Third, we proposed an effective way of performing classification over complex heritage data by relying on discriminative temporal patterns.
We will present the key implications of this method at the SDM conference in Austin.
Fourth, emotion recognition in affective engagements from physiological signals already led to some publications, being the last contribution presented at the HRI conference in Tokyo.
Fifth, structural revisions of (temporal) pattern mining methods for biomedical data are interestingly showing significant performance improvements.
Sixth, and finally, we have been validating many contributions in the field of pattern-based biclustering.
We are confident that pattern-based biclustering approaches will be a significant mark on how to discover flexible biclustering solutions efficiently.

And, to balance all the dedication to this world of computational inquiry, nothing better than to take some time off for Self-nurturing around US and Mexico! Back to office by middle of May.