MSRP new version release!

So, here it is, thanks to Tom, the new final version of the MSRP Peer Java library has been released!!

This is the initial announcement:

Greetings Java developer,

After a flying start within the brilliant Google Summer of Code, having it simmer for a while and finally polishing it up with some actual use-cases, the MSRP project team is proud to announce version 1.0 of its’ magnificent library!

This is an open source library, implementing the Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP: RFC 4975), for you to deploy in any application.

Functionalities include

– establishing MSRP sessions

– sending and receiving instant messages (chat) using MSRP

– sending and receiving files using MSRP

– message/cpim wrapping to interface with other chat systems

– nicknames (draft-ietf-simple-chat)

– message composition indication (RFC 3994)

More information can be obtained at

For a quick introduction, read the tutorial:

The entire project is hosted here:

Build versions can be found in the central Maven repository, just include the dependency in your projects’ pom.xml buildfile and you’re good to go.

So be our guest, use it, abuse it and send us your patches, comments, issues, wishlists and what have you.

Happy coding!

The MSRP team.

Special thanks go to:

– The Jitsi project for initiating this

– Google summer of code for making it possible

– Nlnet for early development sponsoring

– ContactMakers for sponsoring the polishing.

Feedback is welcomed :)

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