The project consists in generating holographic images based on 2d digital images. The holograms are be projected on a wall using a LASER. Although with some limitations,e.g. no 3d support, the program was successful attaining its purposes of making a simple way to generate 2d holograms.

This project was done in 08/2005


The basis of this work was a scientific paper (sorry for the lack of references, as it is kinda troublesome now to attain them, but contact me if you want to know which/more).

Technologically, we made the software in pure C, using FFTW (Fastest Fourier Transform in the West) for optimizations on the Fourier Transform that was used, and GTK+ for the GUI

more info can be found here


  • Angelo Arrifano (initial development and most of the development);
  • João Antunes (me, in case you were wondering, help on the development);
  • Pedro Pombo (most of the scientific insight and prototype/interface ideas input, as well as the wonderful and always welcoming holography lab of UA);



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