Other projects


  • Survs – Feature development for the www.survs.com service. Technologies: Webobjects and PostgreSQL;
  • Gestão de Performance Comercial (GPC) – Custom CRM – consulting job, more info here. Technologies: PHP Codeigniter framework (not chosen) and PostgresSQL;


  • IMS Demonstrator – An IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) demo showcase of technologies. The demo required: A VoIP call between several medias, on an infrastructure configured by us with AAA (Radius); IP Mobility (Mobile IP); VVoIP gateways (at the time openser, now opensips, was used), and with PPP, WiFi, and tethered ethernet (with several VLANs) as access mediums. It also required us to implement Push-to-send feature (sending of a file between two SIP-enabled endpoints, push to talk style);

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