Research Interests

  • Computational Modeling in Biomedicine

Cardiovascular modeling and simulation; non-Newtonian models for blood flow in arteries; 3D nonlinear models for the vessel walls; 3D fluid-structure interaction problems; reduced 1D and 0D models; geometrical multiscale analysis; computational modeling of patient-specific aneurysm progression; computational model reconstruction from medical images; uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis to vascular geometry and blood rheological models; numerical modeling and simulation of the blood coagulation process; mathematical modeling and simulation of the early stages of atherosclerosis. 

  • Mathematical analysis and numerical methods for partial differential equations, with applications to Fluid Mechanics
  • Numerical analysis of finite elements and boundary element methods; finite volumes; meshless; lattice Boltzmann methods; domain decomposition methods
  • Mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of inelastic and viscoelastic non-Newtonian fluid models