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(Some) Stuff I Do


Me and my wife have embarked in a personal project where we intend to visit the train stations and stops of Portugal. All 1097 of them, including the ones that are no longer in service (in some cases, for many decades). Some are amost literaly "in the middle of nowhere", in areas that nowadays are just countryside, with no roads leading into them. Others are in the middle of very busy cities. Some have been renovated just a few years ago. Others have had all their entrances bricked close and slowly crumble into decay (even while remaining operative!). From different architecture styles, to a reflection of a Portugal long gone, this project also gives us an excuse to visit many areas of the country we wouldn't otherwise set our feet in. We're nearly 50% done!


For a few years now I've taken an interest in logging different aspects of my life. I now have logs for food, activity, GPS and semantic (place names, etc.) location, mood, etc. for several years. It is a challenge to keep recording all this information, and even more so to devise meaningful ways of using it. Have some ideas? Get in touch!


Bought my first digital camera in 2003, and 11 years and five cameras later I've amassed a photo collection in the tens of thousands. I like macro photography, some landscapes, and curious details of stuff that is all around us. Not all good, granted. Not all are meant to be so: vacation photos aren't there for art. They are there for me and my family to reminisce about those great times. Stil, you can find a selection that, for some reason or another made their way into Flickr. Here's a sample, below.

Up the Steps I Typebars I - Incoming! Douro Vinhateiro II Heineken Wall II Top of the Pile Pondering Asleep Woosh! I Padlocks I Intensity Bubbles I Space Marine Honey IV Spark in the Dark I Bridge in the Dark Dripping I - Twisty Cutlery II - The UFO has landed Skull-on-a-Stick