BicPAMS is a tool for the exploratory and unsupervised analysis of tabular and network data.
BicPAMS integrates state-of-the-art contributions on pattern-based biclustering (including BicPAM, BicNET, BicSPAM, BiC2PAM, BiP, DeBi and BiModule).
As such, BicPAMS is able to efficiently discover exhaustive and flexible structures of biclusters, with parameterizable coherency and robustness to noise and missings.
BicPAMS has been successfully tested on biomedical data (including expression data, clinical data and biological networks) and social data.

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Desktop GUI : download BicPAMS GUI v4.0.4 (requirement: Java v7 or superior)

Java API: download BicPAMS API v4.0.2 (requirement: JDK v1.7 or superior)

For previous versions of the BicPAMS software please contact the authors.

2017/01/11: The software article describing the BicPAMS software was published in BMC Bioinformatics.

2017/01/11: Methods to assess the statistical significance of biclusters (BSig) were added to the source code (soon available in BicPAMS GUI).

2016/12/08: A stable version of the software (GUI, API, console and source code) was uploaded.

2015/11/21: Desktop graphical interface of BicPAMS was released.

2015/10/27: A stable version of the programmatic interface of BicPAMS was released. This interface consistently combines the behavior of BicNET, BicPAM, BicSPAM, BiP and BiC2PAM.

2014/09/17: A stable version of BicNET was released for biclustering network data in order to retrieve non-trivial yet meaningful modules.

2014/01/21: A stable version of BiC2PAM was released for constraint-based biclustering in the presence of background knowledge.

2013/07/20: A stable version of BiP was released for biclustering data with plaid effects.

2012/06/13: A stable version of BicSPAM was released for flexible and robust order-preserving biclustering.

2012/04/21: A stable version of BicPAM was released for flexible and robust biclustering with constant, additive, multiplicative and symmetric coherency assumptions.

BicPAMS software is made solely available for research and educational purposes.
In this context, you can use the software under: 1) the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation (either version 3 or any later version), and 2) its proper citation.
BicPAMS is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY (without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE).

If you wish to use it for other purposes, you must contact the authors for permission.

Introductory pointers
Illustrative Example
Input and Output
Biclustering Properties
Pre-processing and Mapping Options
Mining Options
Closing Options

For both testing purposes and becoming familiar with the potentialities of BicPAMS, we make available the following 10 testing scenarios.
We also suggest the introductory video made available in the tutorial page.
If you want to see how BicPAMS performs against alternative biclustering algorithms please consult the previously published articles.
Note: for benchmark synthetic datasets with varying size and planted biclustering solutions with varying structure, coherency and quality please visit the BicPAM, BicSPAM, BiP and BicNET webpages.

#1gyeastcompact.arff (1Mb)   Parameters   Output
#2compactMatrix.txt (2Mb)   Parameters   Output
#3largeMatrix.txt (546Mb)   Parameters   Output
#4dlblc.arff (1Mb)   Parameters   Output
#5hughes.arff (11Mb)   Parameters   Output
#6humanPPI.sig (869Mb)   Parameters   Output
#7yeastGI.sig (101Mb)   Parameters   Output
#8ecoliPPI.sig (193Mb)   Parameters   Output
#9compactNetwork.txt (4Mb)   Parameters   Output
#10largeNetwork.txt (808Mb)   Parameters   Output:

The BicPAMS team appreciates your suggestions and the reporting of any problem that you may be able to detect.
For this purpose, clarifications or any other questions related with BicPAMS please email Rui Henriques: rmch [at] tecnico [dot] ulisboa [dot] pt

BicPAMS Team:
Rui Henriques (responsible)
Francisco L. Ferreira (interface developer)
Sara C. Madeira (supervision)
Copyright © BicPAMS Team 2011-2015