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Paulo is a lecturer of Software Engineering and Database Systems subjects in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of IST. In recent years he became interested in the role of Computer Science to create energetically efficient buildings. He is the organizer of the IT4ENERGY international workshop on Information Technology for Energy Applications. Paulo is also a researcher at the DMIR group of INESC-ID in Lisbon and his current research primarily focuses the agile creation of highly modular software for data intensive applications such as energy management and building control. 

Before joining academia he worked 10 years in industry in different projects and was the head of development of Data Fusion, a tool set for large-scale data integration and migration used in the banking industry. While working in industry he managed to complete a Masters and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Lisbon.

When not working in research projects Paulo loves to code and to use his energy and enthusiasm to inspire students into pursuing their dreams. Together with students, Paulo is starting the IST Hackerschoola magic hackerspace that turns ordinary students into creators by introducing them to the hacker and maker culture. He can frequently be found capturing students’ hearts and imagination as he delivers impassioned speeches about computers, science and art.

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