Associate Professor of Information Systems at IST, Senior Researcher at INESC-ID, and co-founder of Sensei Tech.

Paulo’s work focuses on the agile creation of Cyber-Physical Systems for real-time data-intensive applications. He has become one of the leading authorities on IoT, sensor data integration, and their applications to Energy Management, now counting over 60 publications (18 in International Journals), two books edited, and 40+ MSc students brilliantly advised. He has worked as a researcher on several EU-funded projects and as the PI of R&D projects with the industry. Before joining academia, he worked 10 years in the industry on several high-visibility data integration projects, both in technical and managerial roles. More recently, his passion, experience, and quality standards are found at the service of Sensei Tech, an outstanding company that is reshaping the retail industry. Paulo holds Masters and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Lisbon.