Project DynaMo - Dynamical modeling, control and optimization of metabolic networks, is a three-year multidisciplinary national project that involves several institutions such as INESC-ID (Lisbon, Portugal), ITQB/UNL (Oeiras, Portugal), MDAnderson Cancer Center (Univ. of Texas, Houston, USA) and Georgia Tech (Atlanta GA, USA).

DynaMo main objectives are:

  • develop and validate mathematical models and computational tools for the analysis and simulation of the dynamical behavior of complex metabolic networks.
  • create control and optimization strategies to alter the fluxes and concentrations of metabolites, both transiently and at steady-state, by proposing the manipulation of enzymes gene expression
  • creation of an integrative bioinformatics infrastructure to store the experimental data and to implement and deploy the algorithms developed
  • acquisition of experimental in vivo metabolite concentration time series data, the creation of mutant bacterial strains with desired metabolic behavior and the experimental validation of the models previously proposed.
Created: 6 Sep 2007 -- Last Update: 22 Mar 2012

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