• 14 MSc theses successfully completed: Francisco Neves, Pedro Santos, Rui Loureiro, Inês Leite, Vasco Leal, Sofia Cerqueira, Carlos Macedo, Cláudio Sardinha, Ricardo Sousa, Vasco Silva, João Aparício, Hussein Sacoor, Miguel Coelho, Pedro Lopes
  • 6 PhDs in progress: João Rico, Guilherme Varela, Sofia Cerqueira, João Aparício, Han Shao, Miguel G. Silva
  • 12 additional research works with relevant synergies with the ILU project successfully concluded: João Palet, Sofia Carvalho, Pedro Remédios, Susana Gomes, Margarida Costa, Francisco Barata, Leonor Pimenta, Leonardo Alexandre, Rui Nóbrega, Pedro Caldeira, Joana Coutinho, and Pedro Rodrigues
  • 3 PosDocs successfully completed: Marta Bubicz, Thomas Tiam-Lee, Anna Finamore


Novel computational applications were developed and validated to support the context-aware description, prediction and optimization of urban mobility. The algorithms are integrated into the ILU APP recommendation system. Part of the computational facilities are already available and being used at CARRIS. Selected applications:
  • inference of dynamic and multimodal origin-destination matrices with trip and transfer status
  • detection of spatiotemporal, emerging and multimodal urban traffic patterns
  • context-aware detection of anomalies in multivariate time series with guarantees of statistical significance
  • optimization of bus routing and scheduling in Lisbon’s public transport network
  • autonomous and non-parametric processing of urban data sources subject to faults and noise
  • alighting stop inference in bus networks with guarantees of statistical significance
  • individual passenger route choice estimation from gate information in urban rail transit systems
  • robust and actionable resilience assessment of multimodal transport systems
  • intelligent traffic light control systems


  • +15 scientific publications in international journals Q1 (ISI/SJR)
  • +25 publications in the most visible conferences on the ILU domains
  • +5 other articles under review in refereed journals/conferences
  • news about the ILU project in the mass media (Agência Lusa, DN)