About Rosetta

Rosetta is a DrRacket-based IDE for geometric modelling that operates as a front-end for different CAD tools, including AutoCAD, Rhino and a fast OpenGL visualizer, while allowing different programming languages to be used for the implementation of geometric models. Rosetta - The Generative Design Tool: PTDC/ATP-AQI/5224/2012 is a project funded by FCT/MEC through national funds (PIDDAC).

The idea behind Rosetta is to provide Architects with a generative design tool that allows them to work on their generative architectural projects but without forcing them to use a specific programming language or a specific CAD package. The users can choose the programming language with which they feel most comfortable with, write their algorithms in DrRacket using Rosetta's extensive library of functions and output their execution in the CAD package they normal work with. The objective is thus twofold: allow a greater flexibility and accessibility to programming for architecture and provide the necessary tools to develop the complex ideas architects envisage. Currently Rosetta allows the use of the following programming languages: Racket, Python, Autolisp, Javascript and Processing; and is fully implemented in the following CAD applications: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D, SketchUP, Revit, ArchiCAD and OpenGL.


Project coordinator:

António Paulo Teles de Menezes Correia Leitão
INESC-ID, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Software Engineering, Architecture



Susana Martins • Ana Fiuza • Pedro bar • Mafalda Neves • Diana Tomaz • Sofia Feist • Rodrigo Correia • João Miguel • Ricardo Francisco • Ana Isabel Ferreira • Bruno Fernandes • Rita Machete • Rita Margarida Serra Fernandes • Vitoria Vazquez • Inês Caetano • Joana Cabral • Catarina Rocha • Daniela Cunha • Cláudia Pinhão • Luís Santos • Sara Proença • Catarina Oliveira • Leonardo Coelho • Maria Beatriz Vilhena • Marta Silva • Matilde Secca • Rui Jeronimo • Sofia Sousa • Hugo Correia • Carmo Cardoso • Diogo Santos • Pedro Ramos • Júlio César Luta • Bruno Filipe Belo Ferreira • Diogo Jacinto Santos • Guilherme Ferreira • Guilherme Barreto • Artur Alkaim • Rafael Reia • Afonso Gonçalves • Fábio Pinheiro

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