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Public Decision Making and Decision Conferencing (PLENARY SPEAKER, 22nd International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Málaga, 2013). To download the videos included in the presentation click here. Presentation videos:

What is a requisite model by Larry Philipps (2013)

The Marine Corps success story by Terry Bresnick (2013)

A Challenge for the future of MCDA by Carlos Bana e Costa (1999)

A Multicriteria Decision Analysis Model for Faculty Evaluation (Workshop - Measurement and Evaluation of Academic Research Performance: Policy Implications, Braga, 2010)

Decision Conferencing with Multicriteria Decision Support Systems (KEYNOTE SPEAKER, 15th IFIP WG8.3 International Conference on Decision Support Systems, Lisboa, 2010)

Avaliação Multicritério na Elaboração da Matriz Estratégica do Programa Local de Habitação de Lisboa (54th IFHP World Congress, Porto Alegre, 2010)

Creating a Vision for Puerto Rico 2025 (LSE, February, 2005)

Multicriteria Value Measurement (LSE, January, 2002)

Instituto Superior Técnico

Decision Analysis Models and Applications (PhD Program in Engineering and Management)

Decision Support Models (MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Mcs in Information Systems and Computer Engineering and Msc in Energy Engineering and Management)

Análise de Decisão (BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management)

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