I hold a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the Técnico, after a MSc and a Licentiate degres in Electrical Engineering and Computer.
I am Associate Professor at the Técnico, in the scientific area of Information Systems of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. and researcher at the INESC-ID, as present coordinator of the IDSS - Information and Decision Support Laboratory.
My main teaching and research domains have been information systems analysis, conceptual modeling and management, business process management modeling (convering concerns of requirements engineering, BPM challenges, enterprise architecture, and management of business information systems in general; as techniques, I'm used with ArchiMate, UML, BPMN, ontologies for conceptual models, etc.). In research, I also have had a particular focus and impact in the domains of digital libraries and achives, and recods management.

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Students are my main professional "raisin d'être"! I was past advisor or co-advisor of >70 master dissertations (students at Técnico, FSCH and Nova IMS), and of the following PhD students:

I am present advisor or co-advisor of the following PhD students, with work in progress:

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