Catarina Moreira

Catarina Moreira

Catarina Moreira

      Instituto Superior Técnico - Campus TagusPark

      Avenida Professor Aníbal Cavaco Silva,

      2744-016 Porto Salvo, Portugal


      Office: 2-N5.1

      Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters Group      Research Gate      linkedin      google profile      GitHub   


At the moment, I am a visiting PhD student at the School of Business, in the University of Leicester, working under the supervision of Professor Emmanuel Haven and Dr. Sandro Sozzo.

I am a PhD candidate and a researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal, under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Wichert. I am also a teacher assistant of Artificial Intelligence at the same university. My background is Computer Science with a specialization in Enterprise Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

My PhD focuses on Quantum Probabilitic Graphical Models for Cognition and Decision. In otherwords, I am building quantum probabilistic models that can predict and explain human irrational decisions, that is, decisions that violate the laws of classical probability theory and logic. You can check my work in the Publications section.

I am very interested in decision-making systems and machine learning techniques. Current decision-making systems face high levels of uncertainty resulting from data, which is either missing or untrustworthy. These systems usually turn to Bayesian probability to deal with uncertainty. However, there are several situations where the laws of probability are violated, forcing probabilistic-based decision systems to make unreliable predictions. I believe that, in the future, these quantum probabilistic decision-making systems will have a huge importance in our society, since their capabilities promise another way of performing inferences than can explain human irrational behaviour. These inferences can be successfully applied in systems with high levels of uncertainty such as medical assistance and diagnosis or risk management.

I am also a passionate artist and a lover of wisdom. I started to study Philosophy where my main interests are sacred geometry, evolution and ancient Greek and Egyptian wisdom. You can play around with a logarithmic spiral application that I have developed in order to simulate the sunflower using the golden number as the angle of the logarithmic spiral.