Quantum-dot Cellular Automata Layout Generator: A tool for the automatic layout generation of QCA combinational circuits.
Presentation paper: QCA-LG.pdf
Presentation slides: Apresentacao_52150_QCA-LG.pdf
Master thesis: Tese_52150_QCA-LG.pdf
Authors: Tiago Teodósio -- Leonel Sousa
E-mail contacts: Tiago Teodósio -- Leonel Sousa
Source Code: QCA-LG.tar.gz -- QCA-LG.tar.bz2 -- QCA-LG.zip
Suggested tools: QCADesigner Homepage -- MVSIS Homepage

This is how QCA-LG can be used:

  1. Get a netlist for your circuit in Gate or LSI format.

  2. Feed the input file as stdin an receive the output file from stdout:

  3. The produced QCA files are layout blocks, and should be imported in QCADesigner (menu Tools -> Import Block...):

Current known problems or missing features: Other results:

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