Optimally Solving the MCM Problem Using Pseudo-Boolean Satisfiability

Nuno P. Lopes, Levent Aksoy, Vasco Manquinho, José Monteiro



In this report, we describe three encodings of the multiple constant multiplication (MCM) problem to pseudo-boolean satisfiability (PBS), and introduce an algorithm to solve the MCM problem optimally. To the best of our knowledge, the proposed encodings and the optimization algorithm are the first formalization of the MCM problem in a PBS manner. This report evaluates the complexity of the problem size and the performance of several PBS solvers over three encodings.



N. P. Lopes, L. Aksoy, V. Manquinho, J. Monteiro. Optimally Solving the MCM Problem Using Pseudo-Boolean Satisfiability. Technical Report RT/43/2010, INESC-ID, Nov. 2010.





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