p3sim hacks

p3sim is a simulator used in the Computer Architecture course. When I was doing the course and its project, I wanted to speed up some parts of the assemble-load-run testing loop, and I ended up hacking the simulator interface to add some features. So, what follows is the result:

Old stuff alert: Please note the information in this section is old (last change was made 2009 Spring). It is kept for archival purposes.

(These changes have been included in the release which was made available this semester (2009 Spring).)

Direct links (latest release):

All releases (including the latest):

Diff's show the difference between the modified versions and the official one. The RNL version provides readable text in RNL computers, because of the known problem with fonts there. Both versions (rnl and non-rnl) provide the following enhancements.

List of features available in 2008-05-23:

2008-06-02 fixes a bug with the decimal handling code (it would only work when filling the memory (address == -1)), and adds binary handling code.

There is also a readme document for the p3sim patch.