Ana Gualdina Almeida Matos

Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of IST, Lisbon.
Integrated in the Security and Quantum Information group (SQIG) of IT.

(email) ana.matos ++ @ ++
(tel) +351 21 4233262 (ext) 5062
(fax) + 351 21 4233268
(office) 2-N3.11
(post) Departamento de Engenharia Informática
Instituto Superior Técnico -- Tagus Park
Porto Salvo 2780-990


I am interested in topics in the intersection of language based security and networked computing:  What specific security problems arise in concurrent, distributed settings with code mobility?  Which programming language abstractions are best suited for controlling them?
Latest publications:
  • An Information Flow Monitor for a Core of DOM - Introducing references and live primitives. With J. Fragoso Santos and T. Rezk, in TGC'14.
  • Distributed Noninterference, with J. Cederquist, in 4PAD-PDP'14.
  • ... more

  • Activities
  • PC member: WWV'14-FLoC'14YR-CONCUR-CONCUR'13, PLAS'13, EVTSIC-INForum'10, ACM SVT-SAC'10, ACM SVT-SAC'09
  • (Co-)Organized:  Seminal Seminars 2007-2010, DisCoTec'09, Dutch Coalgebra Day 2006

  • Teaching / Advising
  • Courses: Language Based Security (PhD level), Software Security (MSc level), Foundations of Programming (BSc level), Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (BSc level).
  • MSc thesis: proposals
  • PhD student: José Fragoso Santos, completed 2014 (co-advisor Tamara Rezk)

  • Background 
  • Research visits:  Indes team at INRIA Sophia Antipolis (2013), ProSec group at Chalmers University of Technology (2013 and 2004), former Security of Systems group at Radboud University of Nijmegen (2006), Formal Methods and Tools group at University of Twente (2005), former Foundations of Computation group at University of Sussex (2005), Mathematics Department at University of Manchester (2000).
  • PhD from École des Mines de Paris, with Gérard Boudol and Ilaria Castellani, integrated in the MIMOSA team of INRIA Sophia Antipolis. (2006).
  • Licenciatura in Computer Science, at the Computer Science Department in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (2000).
  • Leaves:  two half year maternity leaves (2009 and 2012/3).

  • (last update March 2014)