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Programme of Sustainability Workshops in 2007:

Would you like to learn practical permaculture and sustainable life skills? This year we are offering workshops and our first Solstice friends & neighbours activity week to help people relearn and integrate old with new skills and to enjoy a new sense of community together.

How to Make & Install ... Simple DIY Solar Water Heating & ELECTRICITY!   
Part 1 - 20 to 26 May

We will be installing a ‘diy’ hot water store and solar heating panel plus solar powered washing machine!  This is a 5 day activity for up to 6 people.  Cost: € 15 / day or work exchange.

Part 2 - 3 to 9 June
Learn how to install a complete domestic solar water heating and electricity system for one of our traditional houses at Qu.Arco-Iris.  This is a 5 day activity for up to 6 people.  Cost: € 15 / day or work exchange.

Friends + Family (work exchange) SOLSTICE ACTIVITY WEEK - 18 to 24 June
This is a wonderful event.  Meet friends old and new, share cooking, explore the nature, sing, tell stories and help make Quinta Arco-Iris even more beautiful.  This is the mid-Summer Solstice celebration of high-Summer.  We will build a limecrete and pallet chicken house, 'taipa' + straw bale donkey house, clean out the spring font, repair the terrace garden and other lovely jobs!  A contribution of € 5 per day towards food.  Everything else is provided in exchange for your efforts.

How to Make your own ADOBE Geo-Dome HOME! - 15 to 21 July
make your own year-round accommodation using locally sourced natural materials.  A geo-dome is not only an attractive and versatile temporary building but can be a low-impact dwelling. Making shelters and structures is a basic survival skill, and a way into self-sufficient and community living. We will use eucalyptus poles, wire mesh and adobe and install a door and window to make a visitors accommodation.  This is a 5 day workshop for up tp 6 people.  Cost: € 15 / day or work exchange.

Vision Quest!  Riding with Donkeys -  7 to 11 August
A 4-day experience following the old trails along the River Mira as it winds its way to the West Atlantic.  We will go as a small group taking with us only basic essentials, meeting our needs from natural sources of water and food and people on our way.  We will sleep under stars, tell stories and share experience and recultivate our trust in nature and the spirit in ourselves.  For more details contact Marie-Joao ...

Eco-Village living feature ~ ECOTOPIA  ? to ? August
Across Iberia people are gathering at this event to share green ideas and ways of living. Quinta Arco-Iris plans to join with other eco-quintas and villages to create a showcase feature of eco-living, including our Exchange Economy and Community Trading Shop, Permaculture, Solar + Wind Power workshops.  This event is organised by Gaia ...

Rammed-Earth & STRAW-BALE builD A DONKEY HOUSE - September 2 to 16
Rammed Earth, or "Taipa" is a simple natural technique using clay-rich soil to create solid masonry walls.  We will build a short low-height taipa wall, then raise height using straw-bales.  We will construct a roof and front timber wall.  Join us on this two week work exchange activity to help us construct a new home for Snr Romao!  A contribution of € 5 per day towards food.  

(( We will also learn how to use adobe natural “barro” and machine made blocks, prepare stone/slate “xisto” foundations, and use “Cal” lime plaster - comprehensive skills needed to build or renovate your own earth house. This is a two week long workshop + practical community living experience with ongoing working holiday opportunities following this month.))

Make Your own Gas-Bottle Wood Heater  October 8 to 13
How to make a heater for your low-impact home using easily obtained free or recycled materials.

Introduction to Eco-Village Living - October 22 to 25
How to design, create and develop eco-villages based on the pioneering experience of Findhorn and the Global Eco-Village Network. Sharing experiences and supporting people seeking to live on shared land in Portugal


Meditation for Creative Living and World Goodwill.  New & Full Moons (monthly at Qu. Arco-Iris)
Learning to work towards creative group living is a key to right relationship with people, nature and ourselves.  We will learn and share from experience, and join in the world-wide meditation service to transform and create a better world though the power of goodwill.


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