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Sustainable Living Initiative, Creating a blueprint for “future living” Working Holidays * Visiting * Joining * Life Skill Workshops * Rainbow Journeys

Working Holidays are a really good way to join us, share some of our work, and exchange skills.  If you would like to do traditional rammed-earth building, treework, gardening, learn about solar and wind power or help recover the original spring fed water irrigation for example please contact us to find out what is possible and to arrange possible dates and accommodation if available.  More info... 

Visitors are welcome on pre-arranged occasions especially if you are into self-sufficiency and sustainable living.  About us - guidelines and map

Interested in joining our communities, then we suggest sharing with us your own ideas and response to the Integral Eco-Village Questionnaire.

Sustainable "Life Skills" Workshops are offered for 2006+7 - please check out our programme and contact us for latest details.

Rainbow Journeys offers opportunities in July 2007 to join a group on two week touring visits to sacred places on route to eco-villages across Europe.  If the next "Encontro de Vida Verde" Green Gathering is not on our land our destination will be there.  We want to share practical experience and learn how things are done - and be, a part of the growing network of people living more sustainable lifestyles.

Together we can Live it Now


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