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Arco-Iris Exchange Eco-nomy

How can we exchange work or things in ways that meet our needs more freely, with or without money? At Arco-Iris, like some other eco-communities in Portugal , we have our own economy – a new currency called “Arcos”. We are extending the opportunity to trade and exchange more freely out into our neighbourhood and beyond by way of a fairly trading directory, called the Rainbow Traders Exchange.

When you visit your first night‘s stay is free. If you stay for several days or weeks we offer food and stay over on an exchange basis:

1/2 day work = stay over on the land, plus
1/2 day work = almoço e jantar ~ lunch and dinner provided.

20 Arcos is valued at 1 days work

If you are a visitor you can help with some work to exchange your time for Arcos. People are paid for work in Arcos. Arcos, or work, can be exchanged for stay over and/or for food. If you choose not to stay over night or have food you can exchange your Arcos for Euros. Visitors can also pay for food or accommodation in Arcos or Euros (1Arco = € 1).

A days work is about 5 hours. If you work more hours you can earn Arcos (1 hr = 4 Arcos).

We are setting up a community shop of products and crafts, our exchange trading directory of useful eco-services and workshops offered on the same exchange basis.


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