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Quinta Arco-Iris is eco-community ...

more an "eco-neighbourhood" nearby the Atlantic West Coast of Alentejo - Portugal. Our beautiful land features natural Spring waters and dipping pool, cork and fruit trees, rebuilding of earth-built cottages, yurts and geo-domes and walks to the River Mira and to Odemira town.

We offer ...

Sustainable Living Experiences

Practical DIY Workshops * Friends & Family Activity Weeks
Donkey-Quest & Canoeing Holidays
Willing Workers-exchanges -

    Great opportunities for you and your family to learn how you can be - more in tune with that natural sense of who you are and how to live more freely!

We are learning ...

to live cooperatively and sustainably as neighbours - part of a wider local community retaining traditional skills, yet integrating modern and simple ways of doing things.

We are seeking ...

to be just an example of a way for people who are cooperative minded, respecting our humanity and free-will, taking care of our environment as stewards of our future.

"Amigos, Burros e Communidade"

We have forged strong local contacts, gained the respect of our neighbours, helping to build a community network of support and social outreach. We are part of a growing movement of eco-centres, family farms and villages in Portugal. Old and new working together = "Amigos, Burros e Communidade"

Quinta Arco-Iris is an Association of eco-communities ...

enabling people to share common land and a common lifestyle. Our aim is to be sustainable and self-reliant - an example for future living.

Rainbow Trading ...

Together we can offer you skills and resources for eco-building, solar power and energy, growing food, permaculture design and a variety of traditional and modern craft - available via our Community Shop - and Rainbow Traders Directory.

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Associação de Comunidades para uma Vida Sustentável

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