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I'm a MSc in Computer Science (from IST - Instituto Superior Técnico) and also a BSc in Network Communications (from IST - Instituto Superior Técnico). During college I received two research scholarships, one from FCT and other from IN+ and MIT Portugal. Currently I'm the Founder and CEO of Pandur Entertainment (web and mobile development agency) and also Founder and CEO of Tooluencer (platform for scheduling and managing content for Instagram). Subjects that interest me currently are web and mobile development, social media growth, e-Commerce and sales.

Contact Details

Daniel Tanque
Lisbon, Portugal

(+351) 916665529


Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon

Master in Computer Science September 2016

Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon

Bachelor in Network Communication Engineering September 2012

Research Scholarships

Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon

IN+/MIT Portugal research scholarship June 2016

Instituto Superior Técnico - University of Lisbon

NAPE Scholarship September 2013



Founder and CEO November 2019 - Present

The usage of social media by companies require consistent content creation, value creation/distribution, in order to provide trust for the customers and make them purchase your products/services.

Pandur Entertainment

Founder and CEO September 2019 - Present

Located in the Edutainment industry we develop mobile apps, mainly games for teenagers, but also other entertainment apps.


Software Engineer September 2017 - Present

In the automative industry new technologies and solutions need to be design and developed to face the new challenges of urban mobility. This requires web and mobile solutions which I make part of the development team.


Founder October 2015 - Present

HeadExam is an adaptive learning platform that aims to help students to spot their difficulties in real time, with usage of Machine Learning tools and text analysis. At 2018 got selected for alpha program of Web Summit where it got showned to many key players in the industry. This was also my Master Thesis and now I'm developing a new version more robust making use of the prototype developed during Thesis.


Throught many projects I've made part of I've been able to improve and keep improving certain skills.

  • Ruby On Rails
  • Laravel
  • .Net MVC
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Android Development
  • Social Media Management

Check My Podcast.

Discurso Abstruso

A Podcast, in portuguese, in which I focus on motivating high school students and undergraduate students based on my academic and professional path so far.

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