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Me, Myself & I

I'm a '94 harvest, tailored by the philosophy "if you want something, work for it" made me stay always curious in everything and that lead me to interesting places.

For 3 years of college I explored many new areas of computer science, being my three main subjects Drones, Gesture Controlled Devices and Web Apps.

A year ago I became more focused in Web Apps development, due to RTFA and started in PHP, while developing RTFA noticed that with new languages I could get much more done with the same effort. A due to that applied to a scholarship at MIT Portugal and received and were 6 months of awesome learnings in programming Ruby, Matlab, SQL Server and ETLs and so on.

I'm the type of person that always thinks to the future to analyze if each move is the better one, but during some 4 years, due to kidney stones, I wasn't able to fulfill my views, last year in November when finally discovered that I had kidney stones I started to drink water a lot, and that made me sharp. Sharper at classes and generated cleaner thoughts, since then what I set as my goals I accomplish and that motivates me to do more.

So looking to the future I'm only focused in one project that will hopefully become my Master Thesis and probably my work after college. Send me an email if you want to know more.

One key ingredient that I like to add in my life that made me keep believing in a healthier future was motivation, so no matter what's your problem that is avoiding you to move forward don't be scared, you know the way to solve it and if you decide truly to change you'll discover that your problem is not bigger than your talent, personality or your goals for life. So plan BIG and go for it.

Participations & Achievements

- 2016: Scholarship Summer and Winter 2016 - MIT Portugal
- 2015: Launched RTFA Web App at rtfa.eu
- 2016: Hub Reporter at StartUS Magazine
- 2015: Launched RTFA Mobile App at Google Play
- 2015: Launched Ninjapreneur Game App at Google Play
- 2014: Consultant of Productized (http://www.productized.co/)
- 2014: Foreign Speakers Manager of SET (An event about entreprises and entrepreneurship for university students, contacted speakers such as Paul Graham, Seth Godin, Eric Ries, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, etc...)
- 2014: Consultant of NETI (Network Enginering Student's Group)
- 2014: President of Fiscal Council of LAGE2
- 2014: Director of Academic and Business Department of LAGE2
- 2014: Coordinator of Entrepreneur's Group of LAGE2
- 2013: Scholarship Winter 2013
2013: Scholarship Summer 2013
2013: Content creator for Entrepreneur's Group of LAGE2
- 2012: Internship in Junior's University 2012
Subject: Chemistry
Local: FCUP (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto)
- 2012: Estágio da Ciência Viva
Subject: Entrepreneurship
Local: FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto)
Coordinator: Professora Sandra Pinto
- 2012: Milky Way Competition - by FENALAC
Title: "Leite: Um componente do Santo Graal | Milk: A component of Holy Grail" - PDF
Result: Winner in Science Category
Jury: Dr. Reginaldo Almeida; Dra. Adelaide Fernandes; Dra. Elvira Fortunato
Award: Internship in Junior's University (FCUP)
PRESS: http://www.distribuicaohoje.com/fenalac-premeia-sete-jovens-em-passatempo-de-incentivo-ao-consumo-de-leite/
- 2011: Ciência Viva Internship
Subject: Nanotecnology
Local: Universidade Nova de Lisboa - CENIMAT
Coordinator: Professora Elvira Fortunato
- 2010:  Ciência Viva Internship
Subject: Biomedical Engineering
Local: IST Campus Alameda (Instituto Superior Técnico)
Coordinator: Professor João Sanches


Mail: daniel.tanque@ist.utl.pt