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António José Rodrigues Figueiredo
(Chinese name: 安東尼歐)
April 27th of 1984


  • antoniojose (at) mx.nthu.edu.tw
  • ajrf (at) cftp.ist.utl.pt

Selected work:

  • In this work I studied the possibility that neutrino masses (mnu) may be proportional to small supersymmetry (SUSY) breaking effects that take place within the sector responsible for generating mnu at the quantum level. I specifically considered the case in which lepton number (L-number) breaking is independent of SUSY breaking (SUSY), so that this connection can be seen to be offered by the SUSY non-renormalisation theorem. I have shown that the simplest one-loop models realising this idea generate LLHH operators suppressed by at least mu*Msoft / M^3 or Msoft^2 / M^3, where Msoft is the scale of soft-SUSY effects involving the seesaw mediators, which possess superpotential masses of order M (the L-number breaking scale). I exemplified this possibility by constructing one such model based on a one-loop type-II seesaw.

Author Profile: on the arXiv and on inSPIRE

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