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Sérgio M. Marques, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral research fellow at:

Centro de Química Estrutural,
Instituto Superior Técnico

Group 1 - Bioinorganic Chemistry Group


Scientific biography

Sérgio M. Marques was born in Castelo Branco, Portugal, in 1978.

In 1996 he entered the Chemical Engineering course at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal), and he graduates in 2002, with specialization in Applied Chemistry.

In 2007 he got his Ph.D degree in Chemistry by the Instituto Superior Técnico (Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal) under supervision of Prof. M. Amélia Santos, with his thesis entitled “New Matrix Metalloproteinase and Carbon Anhydrase Inhibitors: Synthesis, Inhibition and Complexation Studies”, involving the areas of organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, and enzyme inhibition studies.

From 2007 to the current date he has been working as a post-doctoral fellow at Centro de Química Estrutural (CQE), in the Instituto Superior Técnico, and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Pisa (Italy). This post-doc project, entitled “Design of Anticancer Agents: Multi-functional Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinases”, involves computer-aided drug design of MMP inhibitors, their synthesis, and in vitro evaluation of their biological activity (project funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, FCT).


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