Sharing Staying at Ivory Palms during 'Developing My Will to Love'

   Pondering on sharing a townhouse or villa at Ivory Palms Noosaville during Jesus and Mary's Assistance Groups (19-28 Feb 2016 and 04-13 Mar 2016)?
   In order to find other persons potentially interested, enter your data and you will receive an e-mail to confirm your interest in sharing a house.
   After confirmation, you will gain access to the contacts of other individuals also interested in finding housemates.


   Jesus and Mary do not personally know many of the people registered for these event so cannot vouch for their intentions or condition in love.

   People need to exercise their own discernment in selecting who they would like to share accommodation with.
   Please guarantee that the parties agreeing to share a house are registered in the event.
   All arrangements are the private and personal responsibility of each person involved.

   For any technical problems or suggestions please write me: (Rui).
   Note, however, that I don't take responsibility for any dissatisfaction people may have with the arrangements they select.
   Your data will be kept private (it will not be used for any other purposes).

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