Task 1 guarantees the proper operation of administrative, technical, and financial components of the iLU project, ensuring the smooth development of scientific contributions.
The major activities to be conducted under this task are:
1) administrative support and communication with FCT office on all project aspects;
2) proper documentation of scientific contributions and provision of progress reports;
3) monitoring of external activities and events which may have impact on the project and may create opportunities;
4) addressing administrative problems and incorporation of comments and suggestions from all the participants to improve management policies;
5) decision making at the consortium level (composed by representatives from INESC-ID, LNEC and CML to be nominated) and for each partner;
6) monitoring of the overall project progress on a regular basis, risk monitoring activities and putting in place a contingency plan if needed;
7) establishing coordination principles and guidelines;
8) full documentation of all administrative and financial processes;
9) weekly meetings within each institution and monthly meetings with at least one representative from each partner.

The PI will be the main responsible for this task with the close help of all participants and administrative staff from INESC-ID. In particular, the administrative staff from INESC-ID will be in touch with the administrative staff from FCT with respect to financial reporting and other administrative activities (such as grant holders recruitment).
Every six months, a workshop will take place with all participants to communicate the most recent progress of the work and discuss the next steps. Despite this, ongoing collaboration between all partners will be promoted to enable a proper articulation among all project tasks.
Given the data-intensive nature of this project, legal issues will be considered and handled within the context of this task. In particular, the legal office from INESC-ID will closely work with the legal office of CML and the Ethics Committee of the University of Lisbon to ensure that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is strictly observed.
Task 1 is transversal, providing principles and guidelines that facilitate the accomplishment of all the other tasks to ensure that the project runs according to what has been planned.