In addition to the contributions and deliverables specified in the initial work plan, three new sub-tasks (6B, 7B and 8B) were approved (FCT #10383392) in 2021 motivated by the need to incorporate aspects of resilience into urban mobility planning during pandemic contexts.

Task 6B: aims to extend the context-aware descriptive and predictive models of urban mobility towards pandemic contexts, i.e. ensuring their adequacy in the presence of significant changes in the volume and distribution of demand across the transport modes.
Task 7B: responds to the need to support route redesign and rescheduling of the public bus network in the municipality of Lisbon in order to ensure resilient responsivity to the dynamic changes observed in a pandemic context.
Task 8B: answers additional requirements placed by carriers, in particular machine learning facilities for alighting stop estimation on CARRIS, route choice estimation within METRO, and the inference of dynamic multimodal origin-destination matrices with trip and transfer status.