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Master’s Thesis Supervision

If you are a student passionate about programmingdata processingbuilding automationambient intelligence, energy management or if you just want to change the world with your software or research, feel free to contact me. The thesis  topics below will give a more definite idea about the exciting hot topics my students work on. You are also welcome to suggest your own ideas.

In progress (2013/2014)

  • Akash Manilal – “Analysis and Requirements Gathering of User Interfaces for BAS” (MEIC/2013)
  • Diogo Anjos – “Real-time cloud energy data aquisition and processing”
  • Paulo Borges – “An Arduino-based Domotic Controller” (MERC/104/2013)
  • Renato Vieira – “Model-Driven Development Energy Metering Software” (MEIC/294/2013)
  • Pedro Domingues, “Interoperability in Building Automation Systems” (MEIC)

Former MSc Students

The thesis below are those that have been finished already. Click on their titles to get more detailed information, as well as the thesis report and final presentation slides.

  1. João Taborda, “A Domain Specific Language for Domotic Systems”, FCT/UNL, (co-advised with prof. Vasco Amaral), Dec. 2014 (19 valores)
  2. Cátia Moreira, “A DSL for querying Building Data Streams of Energy, Weather and Occupation Data”, FCT/UNL, (co-advised with prof. Vasco Amaral), Nov. 2014 (18 valores)
  3. João Santos, “Graphical Interfaces for User Behavior Transformation in the Energy”, Nov. 2014 (18 valores)
  4. Jorge Reto, “Ambiente de Realidade Virtual para Visualização de Dados de Energia”, Nov. 2014 (15 valores)
  5. Hugo Sequeira, “Energy Management in the Cloud” , Nov. 2014 (19 valores)
  6. Pedro Torres, “An Energy Audit database for IST”, Nov. 2014 (14 valores)
  7. Rodolfo Santos, “IST SmartOffice”, Nov. 2014 (17 valores)
  8. Rui Camacho, “Intelligent Actuation in Home and Building Automation Systems”, Nov. 2014 (18 valores)
  9. Tiago Barbosa, “EnergyBrick: The smart ultra-low Cost Energy Meter for the IoT”, May 2014 (17 valores)
  10. Pedro Antunes, “A Maturity Model for Energy Management”, (co-advised with prof. Miguel Mira da Silva) May 2014,  (18 valores)
  11. João Araújo, “Virtual Reality for Lighting Simulation in Events”, (co-advised with prof. Alfredo Ferreira), May 2014, 
  12. Vitor Mansur, “Optimização da Eficiência Energética Através da Integração de Sistemas de Automação de Edifícios com Redes de Sensores RFID”, May 2014 (co-advised with prof. prof. Artur Arsénio) (17 valores)
  13. Luis Luciano, “A Data Warehouse for Energy Management”, Nov. 2013, (18 valores)
  14. Tiago Cardoso, “A Framework Towards the Efficient integration of Energy Data“, Nov. 2013. (18 valores)
  15. André Lourenço, “Analyzing Costs and Profitability with Process-Based ABC”,  (co-advised with prof. Miguel Mira da Silva), Jun. 2013. (19 valores) 
  16. Tiago Castelo, “A 3D Interactive Environment for Automated Building Control”,  IST, (co-advised with prof. Alfredo Junior), Nov. 2012. (17 valores)
  17. Sílvia Resendes, “Automatic Conflict Resolution in Home and Building Automation Systems, Oct. 2012. (18 valores)
  18. Daniel Santana, “WebJDBC Relational Data Extractor”, IST, Jun. 2012 (co-advised with prof. Pável Calado). (16 valores)
  19. André Nascimento, “A JDBC Driver Front-End for Web-Data”, IST, Nov. 2011 (co-advised with prof. Pável Calado). (14 valores).
  20. João Aguiam, “Specifying the Behaviour of Building Automation Systems”, IST, Sep. 2011 (co-advised with prof. Andreas Wichert).  (18 valores)
  21. Anna Thanopoulu, “Implementing the TPC-H Benchmark”, Technical University of Athens, Jul. 2010 (co-advised with prof. Helena Galhardas) (with honors).
  22. Sandra Milhais, “Estudo de viabilidade de um Benchmark ETL”, IST, Nov. 2010 (co-advised with prof. Helena Galhardas). (15 valores)

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