Nuno F. Loureiro



Head of Theory and Modelling & Principal Investigator,

Instituto de Plasmas e Fusão Nuclear

Invited Associate Professor, Physics Department

Instituto Superior Técnico

Lisbon, Portugal

email: nloureiro “at”

I am currently the Head of the Theory and Modelling Group of the Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN) at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal) and a Principal Investigator (Investigador FCT Development Grant). My main topic of research is Magnetic Reconnection, the mechanism behind Solar Flares and other important phenomena both in astrophysical contexts as well as in fusion devices. Click here to view my profile on google scholar.

I am also an Invited Associate Professor at the Physics Department of IST, where I am responsible for teaching the courses “Waves and Instabilities in Plasmas” and “Nuclear Fusion”.


  1. Jun. 15: invited plenary talk at the EPS plasma physics conference

  2. May 15: invited review talk at the Lorentz Center

  3. May 15: Paper with Ryusuke Numata on Electron and Ion Heating in reconnection selected to the J. Plasma Physics Editorial Picks

  4. May 15: Viriato paper submitted to J. Comp. Phys. (arXiv:1505.02649)

  5. Mar. 15: invited tutorial talk at Les Houches

  6. Dec. 14: Viriato awarded a EUROFusion High-Level-Support-Team grant for optimization

  7. Nov. 14: New paper out on reconnection onset: arXiv:1411.4295

  8. Aug. 14: Invited talk at the 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly

  9. Jul. 14: Invited talk at the “2nd Gyrokinetic Theory Working Group Meeting”, Madrid, Spain – “Gyrokinetic Turbulence in Self-Magnetised Laser-Generated Plasmas”

  10. Jun. 14: Invited Colloquium at the Centre de Recherche en Physique des Plasmas (CRPP), EPFL, Switzerland – “Magnetic Reconnection via Stochastic Plasmoid Chains”

  11. Mar. 14: Invited speaker, Physics Department Colloquium, IST

  12. Feb. 14: Preliminary announcement for the European Fusion Theory Conference 2015 – to be held Lisbon!

  13. Old news

If you’d like to join our group for a PhD or post-doc position please email me. There are funding opportunities with the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology