Adilson Alves de Freitas

(Post Doc)

Complete CV

Scientific Activities
2001 - 2005
Ph.D. on chemical and photochemical reactivity of anthocyanins in ordered systems (Prof. Frank Herbert Quina, University of São Paulo - Brazil).

2006 - present
Post Doc fellow on geminate recombination/pair dissociation at the surface of SDS micelles, employing flavylium salts as probes (Prof. António Maçanita, Technical University of Lisbon - Portugal).

Recent Publications
1 - Freitas, A. A.; Shimizu, K.; Dias, L. G.; Quina, F. H. (2007) "A Computational Study of Substituted Flavylium Salts and their Quinonoidal Conjugate-Bases: S0->S1 Electronic Transition, Absolute pKa and Reduction Potential Calculations by DFT and Semiempirical Methods", J. Braz. Chem. Soc., 18, 1537-1546. (pdf)

2 - Quina, F. H.; Freitas, A. A.; Maçanita, A. L.; Silva, P. F.; Lima, J. C. (2006) "The (Photo)Chemistry of Anthocyanins", The Spectrum, 19, 12-17. (pdf)

3 - Shimizu, K.; Freitas, A. A.; Dias, L. G. (2005) “Predicting Hydration Free Energies of Neutral Compounds by a New Parameterization of the Polarisable Continuum Model”, J. Phys. Chem. A, 109, 11322-11327. (abstract)

Scientific Interests
Quantum chemical calculations, reactivity of anthocyanins and related compounds in ordered media, physical organic chemistry of photoacids, photophysics and redox properties of functionalized flavylium salts.