Caixa de texto: Science become dangerous only when it imagines that it has reached his goal. – George Bernard Shaw
Caixa de texto: Mario J. Pinheiro
Caixa de texto: Welcome thou ! I am Professor at the Technical Institute of Lisbon (Instituto Superior Técnico), Portugal.
The pedagogical activity developed by myself cover a broad field of academic disciplines, giving theoretical lessons and solving exercises to students at a sophomore level (Thermodynamics, Mechanics and Waves, Electromagnetism and Optics) and at a PhD level with matters related to Basic Plasma Physics and Electromagnetic Propulsion.
Why I do physics? This is a very good question. I also ask myself why and for what for in this insane world...But the main reason (I believe) is: because I love Nature. It drives me to try to understand as much as I can how Nature works and altogether to prepare a new generation of young people to be open minded people, to teach them to THINK, to prepare them to see the misery of  our “civilization” and the hidden beauty on everything. To learn what is a BEING, and how with TIME (a so elusive entity) we  may all become authentic.

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For a New Renaissance in Science

“Only daring have made the main contributions to Science. Notwithstanding this, the contemporary heavy administration in the system of modern scientific education and scientific research still suppresses everyone who wishes to develop new and productive ideas. That is why the freedom  of scientific work and the free initiative of original studies should undeniably be defended, because only these factors were and will be the most productive sources of great progress of Science”—Louis de Broglie, Necessity of Freedom of Scientific Work, Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, vol. 4, nº 1, p.62 (1979).

Caixa de texto: At the terracotta warriors Museum, Xi’an, China, September 2006.