Luís Filipe Vieira Ferreira

Associate Professor with Habilitation

Departamento de Engenharia Química
Instituto Superior Técnico
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Rovisco Pais
P - 1049-001 Lisboa
phone: (+351) 21 841 92 52
fax: (+351) 21 846 44 55 / 57

Versão Portuguesa

Graduation on Chemical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico (1972). PhD., Instituto Superior Técnico (J.C. Conte, 1983), Post-Doc., Loughborough University, U.K. (F. Wilkinson, 1987), Aggregation Degree (IST, UTL,1999).


His research in recent years is centred mainly in the field of Surface Photochemistry  with special interest in the following topics:

Archaeometry: PIXE, XRF, micro-RAMAN, GSDR, FT_IR, LIF, LIP of archaeological ceramics.

Photodegradation of environmental pollutants on surfaces and nanocavities (dioxins and polychlorinated furanes, PAH's, etc).

Photochemistry and Photophysics of dyes (such as cyanines, rhodamines, squaraines, brightening agents, etc.) adsorbed on surfaces.

Native and microcrystalline cellulose, chitosan, calixarenes, cyclodextrins, silicas with different pores, zeolites and silicalite as adsorbents.

Ketone photochemistry on surfaces and nanocavities.

Radiative and nonradiative deactivation processes on surfaces. Energy transfer studies on surfaces.

Diffuse reflectance techniques, namely time-resolved diffuse reflectance laser flash-photolysis and  laser induced luminescence with resolution in the nanosecond to second range (time-resolved fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra). TRIR synchronised with a Nd:YAG laser (microsecond and nanosecond time range).

Photos - LIL and DRLFP Set-Ups


UV-Vis-NIR Spectrograph

Academic Duties (2013/2014)

General Chemistry - Civil Engeneering Degree, IST

Publications in International Journals

          P152 – RSC Avances 2016 – Galley Proof

            P151 – Carbohydrate Polymers 2016 – Galley Proof


            P150 – “Photochemical behaviour of a new 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroxanthylium fluorescent dye with “rhodamine-like” structure in liquid media and adsorbed onto a TiO2 photo-responsive substrate”, D.S. Conceição, D.P. Ferreira, Y. Prostota, P.F. Santos, L.F. Vieira Ferreira, Dyes and Pigments 128 (2016) 279-288.


            P149 – “Characterization of a Squaraine/Chitosan System for Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer”, D.P. Ferreira, D.S. Conceição, F. Fernandes, T. Sousa, R.C. Calhelha, I.C.F.R. Ferreira, P.F. Santos, and L.F. Vieira Ferreira, J. Phys. Chem. B, 120 (2016) 1212−1220.


            P148 – “A multi-technique study for the spectroscopic characterization of the ceramics from Santa Maria do Castelo church (Torres Novas, Portugal)”, L.F. Vieira Ferreira, M. Varela Gomes, M.F.C. Pereira, L.F. Santos, I. Ferreira Machado, J. Archaeolog. Sci. Reports 6 (2016) 182–189.


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and their photocatalytic activity”, Z. Hamden, S. Bouattour, A.M. Ferraria, D.P. Ferreira, L.F. Vieira Ferreira, A.M. Botelho do Rego, S. Boufi, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 321 (2016) 211–222.


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        P144 - Portuguese tin-glazed earthenware from the 17th century. Part 2: a spectroscopic characterization of pigments, glazes and pastes of the three main production centres. L.F. Vieira Ferreira, D.P. Ferreira, D.S. Conceição, L.F. Santos, M.F.C. Pereira,  T. M. Casimiro, I. Ferreira Machado. Spectrchimica Acta A, 149 (2015) 285-294.


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