Fernando Fonseca

Indie Game Developer

Who am I?

I am Fernando Fonseca a Portuguese Researcher && Indie Game Designer with a MSc Degree in Information Systems and Computer Engeneering from Técnico Lisboa and currently living in Lisbon.

What I like and do

I have a passion for video games, music and traveling. Already worked in Tokyo Japan, published an Android game, built several computers and Interactive Tabletop Setups.

My Music

Some time ago I played Electric Guitar on a Rock Band called MyAlienSunshine.

    My Skills:

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On-Going Project
big stuff

Developing new ways to create content in Virtual Reality:
- Using Unity3D engine
- Oculus RIFT
- OptiTrack Motion Capture system

Can’t really tell what is all about right now, but as soon as I’m able, I’ll post an awesome movie showing the prototype: D

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Andorid Puzzle Game

Puzzle game to test your memory. Great for killing time or playing casually. In this game you need to match color blocks as fast as you can and you will find:
- Two different game modes, MINUTE ATTACK and SURVIVAL
- Game changing Power-Ups
- 21 fun and challenging Achievements
- Leaderboards to compete with your friends
- Post your ultimate score at Facebook and show your friends who's the leader

Game totally developed in Java with Google Services and Facebook API. You can download it from Google Play Store and enjoy it :)

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Mid-Air Interactions above Stereoscopic Interactive Tables
MSc Thesis

My MSc Thesis work focused in developing mid-air interactions for 3D object manipulation in a tabletop scenario with enhanced stereoscopic visualization. This work led to some publications, being the most relevant in 3DUI 2014. The application was fully developed in OpenGL with C++. We used Open NI to track the user head and produced a customized user perspective, 3Gear software to track the user hands in full 6DOF above the surface and NVidia Vision 2 to enable the quad buffer stereoscopic effect. Five different interaction techniques were implemented to allow full 7 DOF object manipulation. In the video is possible to see each technique being used, but with the stereoscopic effect turned off, so you can actually understand something :P.

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Alberti Digital
Improving Museum Experiences

Prototype and application developed for the project Alberti Digital during the first half of 2013 to improve museum experiences. The application uses OpenGL with G3D engine in C++. The touch is processed using TUIO protocol and the tracking of user head using OpenNI with Microsoft Kinect. For the hand tracking we used 3GearSystems tracking solution. Everything was developed from scratch by a team of three persons. I developed everything related to the touch interactions and hand tracking interactions. Also all the GUI, loading models and state machine of the application. Bellow it's possible to see three photos of the application and setup in exhibition at the Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência (November 2013 to January 2014) and it was previously possible to visit at the Museu da Ciência de Coimbra (April to June 2013) and Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa (July to September 2013).

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Multi-Touch Terrain Editor
Heightmap Manipulation

Small example still in Alpha phase of a Multi-Touch Terrain Editor Demo made in Unity3D 4.2 in just some hours. It allows the user to interact with a deformable height map with texturing by height. Hope you like it. There is a newer version of the Demo with more features. I will post another video soon, stay tuned :)

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Green Driving Experience

Project developed while I was working for Internship in National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo (NII). Fully developed in Unity3D 3.5 and then ported to 4.0b working in cross-platform for Facebook and iPad. The project is in exhibition in QUT - The CUBE. The Facebook version is still playable in the ICO2 Facebook Page.

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Emergency Protocols in Laboratory

Project developed in Unity3D 3.5 while I was in NII. Using only Ms Kinect for user interactions. Tracking hands movement and using an external dll to recognize the hands open and close for grabbing and releasing.

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Become the Virus

Project developed for MSc course "3D Programing for Game Simulations" where the main focus was custom shaders. Developed in Ogre3D with C++ and GLSL shaders. For example: Custom particles shaders for multiple textures in only one emissor, collision effect shaders for collision feeling and water shaders.

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Ripple Race
Against Your Friends

Project developed for MSc course "Games and Simulation Technology" in Unity3D 3.5. Internet multiplayer is possible between 4 machines.

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Apple Droid
Eat the apples out of them!

Project developed for MSc course "3D Animation and Visualization" with pure OpenGL. No external models were imported, all objects and the hero were created using GL primitives. It's pure platformer, with the Apple vs. Android war as Art theme.

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Survive the jungle!

Prototype developed for MSc course "Game Design and Development" in GameMaker 8.1 PRO. The main objective in this prototype demo it's to survive trough the jungle and grab at least 3 magic crystals to open a secret door. There is also other secrets but the video is so long right now that I couldn't show everything.

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Merge them to kill!

I'm currently developing a game idea in Unity3D for iOS/Android on my free time, when I'm satisfied with the state of the game will post some news, Stay tuned :)

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Escape from Them!

I'm currently also developing another Android Game idea in Unity3D, but unfortunatly time does not stretch yet... stay tuned ;)