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    OM2 Group

    E.M.S. Maçôas is a member of the Optical and Multifunctionals Materials group (OM2) of the Centro de Química-Física Molecular @ Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon

    Main collaborations within the OM2 group
    Iness Mariz

    Post-Doc: Characterization and optimization of nonlinear emission of different types of materials (organic molecules, polymers, polymer nanoparticles and gold clusters)

    Post-Doc: Synthesis of top-down graphene quantum dots for sensing applications

    Carla Santos
    Filipa Correia
    PhD Student : Synthesis of bottom-up carbon dots for imaging and sensing applications
    Ongoing External Collaborations

    University of Granada logo

    Araceli Campaña and Juan Cuerva: Search for the factors controlling the nonlinear emission of nanographenes. Nonlinear emission in organic molecules with circularly polarized luminescnece (CPL)

    itq logo

    Antonio Leyva Pérez : Nonlinear photophysics of naked and lingand protected gold nanoclusters

    Alexandra Paulo : Study of the mechanism of action of quindoline and cryptolepine derivatives as antimalarial agents acting in the intraerythrocytic cycle of the malaria parasite.

    Maurizio Prato and Francesca Arcudi : Photophysics of carbon dots and carbon dot-conjugates with porphyrins

    Mika Pettersson : Vibrational cooling and ultrafast electronic relaxation in condensed phase

    qopna logo

    Maria da Graça Neves :Fluorescent sensors based on carbon dot conjugates with reactive molecular probes

    Paula A. A. P.Marques: Graphene oxide quantum dots for bioimaging and sensing applications

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