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    OM2 Group

    E.M.S. Maçôas is a member of the Optical and Multifunctionals Materials group (OM2) of the Centro de Química-Física Molecular @ Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon

    Main collaborations within the OM2 group
    Iness Mariz

    Carla Santos

    Inês Mariz, Post-Doc

    Characterization and optimization of nonlinear emission of different types of materials (organic molecules, polymers, polymer nanoparticles and gold clusters)

    Carla Santos, Post-Doc

    Synthesis of top-down graphene quantum dots for sensing applications


    Filipa Correia

    Filipa Correia

    Cátia Correia, PhD Student

    Synthesis of bottom-up carbon dots for imaging and sensing applications

    Raquel Lopes, PhD Student

    G2D Gold-Graphene Dots: synthesis, optical and enzyme mimetic properties

    Filipa Correia


    Fatemeh Nemati,Visiting PhD Student

    Use of modified carbon nanostructures in the development of fluorescence sensors for determination of environmental pollutants and biomolecules (Iran University of Science and Technology, supervisor: Dr. Rouholah-Dorabei)


    Ongoing External Collaborations

    University of Granada logo

    Araceli Campaña and Juan Cuerva: Search for the factors controlling the nonlinear emission of nanographenes. Nonlinear emission in organic molecules with circularly polarized luminescnece (CPL)

    itq logo

    Antonio Leyva Pérez : Nonlinear photophysics of naked and lingand protected gold nanoclusters

    Alexandra Paulo : Study of the mechanism of action of quindoline and cryptolepine derivatives as antimalarial agents acting in the intraerythrocytic cycle of the malaria parasite.

    Mika Pettersson : Vibrational cooling and ultrafast electronic relaxation in condensed phase

    qopna logo

    Maria da Graça Neves :Fluorescent sensors based on carbon dot conjugates with reactive molecular probes

    Paula A. A. P.Marques: Functionalization of nano-graphene oxide

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