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Position Name/Reference Budget (€)
Co-Principal Investigator ARCADE - Augmenting Rehabilitation Centers with Context-Aware Digital Environments, 02/SAICT/2017 €239.714,12
Principal Investigator STREACKER - Skeletal TRacking Enhanced with Anatomically Correct Kinematics for Exergames and Rehabilitation, UTAP-EXPL/CA/0065/2017 €93.576,00
Principal Investigator IT-MEDEX - Interactive Tablets for Collaborative Scenarios Related to 3D Medical Image Exploration, PTDC/EEI-SII/6038/2014 €173.882,00
Project Coordinator A-MOP - Algorithms for Macro-Molecular Pocket Detection, UTAP-EXPL/QEQ-COM/0019/2014 €29.870,00
Research Member TECTON3D - Digital Mockup: Touching the 3rd dimension, PTDC/EEI-SII/3154/2012 €137.036,00
Research Member DACHOR - Multibody Dynamics and Control of Hybrid Active Orthoses, MIT-Pt/BS-HHMS/0042/2008 €192,620.00
Research Member PROPAFE - Design and Development of a Patello-Femoral Prosthesis, PTDC/EME-PME/67687/2006 €140.000,00