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Other Publications

Oficial Deliverables for Project TARGET:
– D1.3 TARGET System Architecture and Conceptual Framework (2010)
– D7.2 Serious Game Component (2010)
– D6.1 TARGET Pedagogical Agentes (2010)
– D4.6 Overload Manager Tool (2010)
– D12.6 Didactical Modeller (2011)

Oficial Deliverables for Project GaLA:
– D4.12 Report on the University-Business exchanges (2012, 2013)

Surveys for PhD Curriculum:
Ribeiro, Claudia. Recent Developments in Document Retrieval Evaluation, 2010.
Ribeiro, Claudia. Surveys of Methodologies for Designing Multi-Agent Systems, 2011.
Ribeiro, Claudia. Business Process Management and Social Complexity: A New Perspective, 2011.