Catarina Garcia Belém

Research Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Programming Languages, Distributed Systems

Name: Catarina Garcia Belém

Profile: Research Data Scientist


Phone: (+351) 960139022


Java 85%
Julia 80%
LISP 75%
Python 90%


Cooking 60%
Electronics 25%
Play the Clarinet 80%
Running and Swimming 95%
About me

I completed my master's program on Computer Engineering and Information Systems at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) on June 2019. I am currently working at Feedzai as a Research Data Scientist, where I have both the roles of Software Engineer and Data Scientist.

Simultaneously, I am a junior researcher at INESC-ID in the ADA research group, whom I have collaborated with during my master's dissertation. My dissertation is entitled: Optimization of Time-Consuming Objective Functions: Derivative-Free Approaches and their Application in Architecture and you may find it here or here.

I have a comprehensive background on software engineering, distributed systems, and intelligent-based systems and my research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Programming Languages as they are very exciting fields and enclose great potential to enhance people’s and organizations’ lives.


Each day I thrive for being better than the day before. I embrace each challenge with determination and focus. I always try to bring value to whatever I do.

Research Data Scientist @ Feedzai

Starting on July 2019, I am currently working at Feedzai's ML Research group. Current role requires both Software engineering skills to develop tools in Python, but also Machine Learning engineer to apply these tools to improve Model Selection stages in ML pipelines. Technologies: Python, Postgresql, Gitlab

Teaching Assistant @ IST

Started on February 2018, I've been a teaching assistant of the courses of Advanced Programming (Spring 2018, Spring 2019) and Programming Languages (Spring 2018) at the Master Degree of Computer Engineering and Information Systems at IST. Responsibilities included preparing and creating exercises for the practical classes, preparing and evaluating the projects and exams.

Junior Researcher @ INESC-ID

Started on September 2017, I've been a junior researcher at INESC-ID in Lisbon. My research focuses on efficient ways of optimizing architectural design problems, typically characterized by time-consuming evaluation functions. My research also includes applications of Machine Learning to enhance the architectural practice.

Junior Programmer @ Link Consulting

From July 2016 to 31 of July 2017, I have worked at Link Consulting as a programmer and analyst. I belonged to the SOA integration services team and I have worked with several concepts such as Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Artifactory, Docker, etc) and system integration (SOA, BPEL, SOAP, REST, WS, OSB, JMS).

Summer Intern @ Link Consulting

From June 2016 to September 2016, I have enrolled in a summer internship at Link Consulting. As an intern, I researched how to develop and integrate web applications for Documental Management. To this end, I have explored Microsoft Office, Libre Office and Open Apache Office APIs to learn how to better integrate them at Link's product workflow. Technologies: Javascript, HTML, CSS, C#, MVC, and Java


The best of privileges is to learn and being able to teach. I keep challenging myself to learn and research new topics and to enroll in new activities.

Pre-Doctoral Research School 2019

Participated in the The Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School 2019 in Saabrücken, Germany. Approached topics included Machine Teaching, Programming Languages, Web Public Key Infrastructure, Data Visualization, Random Testing.

Master of Science

Master of Science in Information Systems and Computer Engineering @ Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Specializations: Intelligent Systems and Distributed Systems.
Completed the degree with a final grade of 19/20. My master's dissertation received a final grade of 20/20.

Bologna Degree

Bologna Degree in Information Systems and Computer Engineering @ Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Completed the degree with a final grade of 18/20.


The few I have, I share. What I like the most in volunteering is the ability to make a change and to make someone's life better (:

Student Advisor @ HAC | TreeTree2

Started on September 2019, I have collaborated with TreeTree2 in the context of the HAC project. This project includes supervising and helping younger students (from the 7th to 9th grade) to complete a CS project and to teach them new concepts.


From 2015 to 2018, I collabored with other students in the Nucleo Estudantil de Informática do IST (NEIIST). There I was responsible for organizing events (e.g., workshop, lectures, tournaments), preparing and evaluating several quality forms, advertising the events, and, I have been responsible for a team which carried out introductory programming activities targeted at children between 8 and 17 years old

Web Summit 2017 @ Lisbon

In 2017, I was a volunteer at the Web Summit event in Lisbon, Portugal. I was part of the Design Team and responsibilities included handling flyers, talking to participants and helping with the information display in the event.

Mentor @ IST

In 2015 and 2016 I was a mentor of freshmen students @ IST. Responsibilities included monthly meetings, planning and giving advices to students, thus easing their adaptation to the graduate school.

External Relations @ IST

In 2015 and 2016, I collaborated on the preparation and organization of the Semana Empresarial e Tecnológica (SET) of IST. Responsibilities included communicating with companies and advertising the event.

Sol da Caparica Festival @ Portugal

In 2015 and 2016, I was a volunteer at a portuguese music festival, called Sol da Caparica. In the first year, I was part of the Environment preservation team and in the second year, I was part of the Entertainment team.


During my master's dissertation I have collaborated in the publication of 6 scientific contributions for the Architectural Design community. You can find these and other presentations here.